Support For A Variety of Industries

Advanced Turbine Services is proud to name the United States Navy as its largest customer. In addition to the services we provide to the military, we also provide the same TF40 engine services and module repair and overhaul, including a complete list of the associated turbine engine repairs in the commercial and private sector. Advanced Turbine Services specializes in LRU exchange programs to include fuel manifolds, oil and fuel pumps, bleed valves, shut off solenoids and fuel governor/actuator controls. We also stock a full fuel/oil/air lines and hoses to include all electrical engine controlling and EGT harnesses. Our inventory allows us to ship orders within 24 hours of receipt. We accept credit cards up to $5000.00 in purchases.

Above and beyond our military contract work, we also service and assist a variety of OEM and commercial, private and industrial customers with the same with the same level of high quality and work ethics. Some of our associations are as follows:

Honeywell International
Nebraska Gas Turbine
World is not Enough
Honeywell Greer
DeAngelo Marine Exhaust Inc.
Vericor Power Systems
Saab-Kockums AB
Connor Marine Engineering Inc.
Hyak Electroworks
CPI Manufacturing
Chu Kong Shipping
Impact Solutions
Turbine Integrated Power Systems
Arizona Turbine Technology
Marine Propulsion Management
Team Vesco
Dakota Air Parts
Global Turbine Components
Oci Ciornie
Pakistan Oilfields Limited
Wally Yachts
Turbine Power Specialists
Nebraska Turbine Services
ARTEC Machine Systems
Detroit Diesel
Direct Drive Systems
General Tool Company
Shintoa International Inc.
Milford Metal Products, Inc.
Fluid Connector Products
Sun Yuet Engineering
University of Texas
United Avionics
Clemenson Diffusion 555
Mint International

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