Providing Power Wherever Needed

Advanced Turbine Services is a leader in developing and producing TF40 and T55 powered propulsion energy systems. Whatever your needs required in a system, the ATS team of professionals can design the complete package specifically tailored to marine, power generation, oil wells, and field and pumping systems.


Our power generation systems are capable of providing 3 to 6 megawatts of continuous or auxiliary power. Some systems have our unique design where both engine and gearbox is cantilevered from the generator yielding one of the lightest weight and smallest overall dimension units in the industry. These units are engineered for both stationary and mobile operation. Most units are designed to conform to the regulatory EPA standards. Our pump and compressor units use the same unique design and range from 2000 to 4000 horsepower pumps or combination of pumps. All power generation, compressor and pump units are packaged in the USA. Many applications can be configured with co-generation units.

Propulsion: Marine Applications

Advanced Turbine Services specializes in marine propulsion applications. Some of the fastest, most reliable and technologically advanced ships in use today, including ferries, luxury yachts, and military vessels are using TF engine series power. Our remanufactured engines give you the same shaft horsepower (SHP) at approximately half the original OEM price with a warranty comparable to the original OEM warranty.

Common Design Features

The ATS and its association with their affiliate companies can design the most unique energy system that meets your needs and requirements. Some of the common design features that our quality systems maintain include:

  • Exhaust heat regeneration providing heat or steam production co-generation
  • Engine noise reduction and heat signature suppression.
  • Multi fuel capability using diesel, natural gas or propane
Most applications are unique in design and tailored to the needs of the specific end user. Our staff is committed to providing the most cost effective designs and approaches ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

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