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A Growing Company in a Service Industry

Started in 1994 primarily as an aviation turbine engine engineering consulting firm, Advanced Turbine Services (ATS) had a slow beginning. Early in 1996, Advanced Turbine Services Company was awarded a multi-year contract with the United States Army that was rescinded after the pre-award survey outlined concerns of the facility size and location. This setback resulted in ATS having to submit a relocation plan which was rejected and subsequently ATS followed with an appeal. This outcome forced ATS to relocate the facility immediately so there would be no future contract complications as a result of facility size and location.

In 1998 ATS responded to a solicitation by the US Navy who had some logistical concerns regarding hardware as a result of their service life extension program (SLEP). The response formulated by Advanced Turbine Services helped the US Navy devise a plan to support their existing LCAC TF40B engine fleet realizing an incredible reduction in cost while continuing to field their SLEP model LCAC. This proposed concept led to ATSís first contract with the US Navy and has since remained in effect each subsequent year. ATS has demonstrated year after year a quality and delivery performance track record that the US Navy LCAC fleet continues to benefit from. Currently, ATS is the only non-OEM approved support facility qualified by the US Navy to repair, overhaul and remanufacture key components of the TF40B engineís fuel management systems and analog engine controls.

Since our first facility move in 1996 we have since relocated the facility three more times within Meriden, Connecticut. These moves however were made to facilitate the growing need for shop floor space and storage as a result of the numerous Government contracts awarded forcing the expansion.

Our company and employees have taken their combined 120 years of OEM experience with these particular engines and supporting systems and continued to develop it further so that the US Navy and FMS end users can realize the benefits and savings. ATS can also demonstrate to the commercial and private sector using these power applications the same kind of savings and expertise.

Forward Thinking

Advanced Turbine Services is confident that it will continue to succeed and grow because we are committed to be your lower cost alternative while still providing the best quality services. We have purposely structured our company to conduct business today and tomorrow using this low overhead environment approach simultaneously passing on the savings to the customer. We believe that this lower cost alternative approach is the key to our future growth and success and ultimately will benefit our customers by lowering the cost of their turbine engine operation. Our future is providing this service TODAY and we are committed to being here TOMORROW. We will continue to increase our capabilities and customer service in accordance with our business plan and changing market demands. Long term growth for ATS includes the production of complete engine system packages. These packages will focus on mobile and stationary 3 to 5 megawatt turbine power generation units.


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